Microcredit Project in Rione Sanità (Naples)


“Microcredit in Rione Sanità” team

Since 2014, the CED has been one of the partners of the Project, along with the financial partner Banca Popolare Etica and the organisations Marco Mascagna, NPO, Mani Tese Campania, Rete Rione Sanità and Rete Lilliput.

In 2009, these associations formalised their commitment, establishing the Committee for Microcredit in Rione Sanità, with the aim of bolstering the socio-economic capital of the district through the promotion and implementation of the Project.

On 9th September 2014, the plenary assembly of the Microcredit Project in Rione Sanità, agreed to include the CED in the Project’s technical commission. The CED participates in the studies and activities related to microfinance instruments, local development, social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

The CED is operationally and strategically engaged with the promotion of weekly field activities, with an information desk at Rione Sanità and with planning and management activities.
In particular, since its joining, the CED has had an intense agenda, promoting especially:

  • local and national meetings and events;
  • the inclusion, training and monitoring of young operators;
  • publication and communication activities on the Project

The group of young interns and volunteers which the CED coordinates has included, so far, more than ten people with heterogeneous profiles, in line with the purposes of the Project. The interns and volunteers are divided into information desk, monitoring, and field activities. The number of applicants is growing and usually trainees and volunteers stay with the CED after the end of their work experience.

Some of the events organized by the CED together with the Project Rione Sanità include participation in national and local meetings, such as three editions of the event “La Notte del Lavoro Narrato”, the panel “Finance, Microcredit and Territory” at VII Fiera dei Beni Comuni, the event “ViviAMO Piazza Cavour”, the Seminar of Parthenope “Progetto microcredito al Rione Sanità”, and the participation at the Social Innovations Around, “Social Innovation proposals for development, sustainability & social change”, panel “Trend, Territory & Finance”.


Find out more about the Project and the events of “Microcredit in Rione Sanità”,
apply as an intern or volunteer,
come to see us each Tuesday at 5.30 pm in Piazza Cavour, 190 – Naples (Metro Line 1-Museo).

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