Articles & Research

CED – Center for Economic Development & Social Change focus on the followingresearch axes:

Labour market, European Union and production activitiesLEARN MORE


It deals with the scenarios regarding: the labour market, EU policies, rural development, industrial development, trade and international finance, craftsmanship and Italian exports.

Sustainability and new measures of well-beingLEARN MORE


It analyzes the issues related to sustainability, economic ethics, CSR and RSC, the new measures of economic and social well-being, shared assets and cultural change..

Microfinance and Social Innovation LEARN MORE


It deals with issues related to microcredit and other instruments of microfinance, social enterprises, cooperatives and the tertiary sector, innovative instruments and businesses, the sharing economy and new social innovation solutions.

Cross-cutting Issues LEARN MORE


Includes a series of cross-cutting issues, that is, interdisciplinary problems such as energy and climate change, migration, inclusive development and resilience, scenario analysis, NEETs and other issues related to high-impact sectors and social phenomena.



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